P.O. Box 871
Gaylord Michigan 49734

Main Phone: (989) 312-3428
Email: wvpoaboard@gmail.com

Rules & Guidelines

To protect everyone’s investment in our development’s property and homesteads we have some rules of the Valley… 

Purchasing Property

First, familiarize yourself with our deed restrictions and by-laws. They were created by the original property owners and have been amended over the years to protect everyone’s common interest to preserve the beauty and values of the Valley. See our handbook for more information.

Building a Home

Any structures built in the Valley require prior approval of our Board of Directors. We will be happy to work with you and your builder to meet the specifications and requirements for necessary approvals before you start building on your site. Please review our handbook to find our deed restrictions and building standards.  Contact us or download the building application to get started on your project!

Building Plan Approvals

Approvals are required to protect our investments in home and property values. We do not want Wilderness Valley to become anything less than what it is today. We always want to work with you in advance to resolve issues. Our Board of Directors is elected at our Annual Meeting each year and they are empowered to uphold the deed restrictions and bylaws and monitor compliance. See our building standards and criteria for more information.

Thinning Trees

No trees more than six inches in diameter can be cut without the permission and approval of the WVPOA Board. Our Forest Management policy ensures healthy stands and preservation of the Valley’s natural beauty. Click the link below for more information and a copy of the approval application.

WVPOA Handbook

Construction Approval Form

Forrest Management Approval