Gas & Oil Pipeline Information

Oil and gas pipelines and rights-of-way are present throughout the Wilderness Valley development. These rights-of-way restrict the property owners’ use of these easements even though they may run across your Wilderness Valley property. It is necessary to check with the facility operator before constructing or even planting anything in, on, or over the right-of-way. To find who is operating pipelines in your area, or for more information, go to

Contact List

24 Hour Emergency Number: 1-888-250-1681 website:

Miss Dig (Must be called at least 3 days before any digging)
Phone: (800) 482-7171 or 811

Linn Energy
Phone: (989) 786-7592 Lewiston, MI

Merit Energy
Phone: (800) 328-7430 Kalkaska, MI

Phone: (800) 363-9541