P.O. Box 871
Gaylord Michigan 49734

Main Phone: (989) 312-3428
Email: wvpoaboard@gmail.com

WVPOA Services

WVPOA Road Maintenance

Road Maintenance

Road maintenance is a separate fee. Our policy is to routinely maintain our private roads.

WVPOA private roads are a shared community expense billed separately.

​Depending on the severity of the roads, road maintenance will be done on a…
​as needed basis.

Snowplow Service

Plowing of all private roads in Wilderness Valley is a shared community expense billed initially in November. Depending on the severity of the winter, an additional Spring billing may be necessary to cover the total cost of winter billing.

Snowplow service for personal driveways must be arranged by the Wilderness Valley property owner and/or homeowner.

Waste Dumpsters

The dumpsters are relocated on private property and available to
paid WVPOA members only.

Household garbage only, which must be bagged.  Please ensure you break all boxes down flat!  Your voluntary clean-up of the dumpster area is appreciated. The dumpster area is monitored by security surveillance cameras and rules posted. 

Otsego County offers free recycling for all resident, please utilize this service to help minimize the use of our dumpsters to only include household trash.  For more information, see the Otsego County Recycling Guide here.

Once a year, Hayes Township has a special refuse collection for batteries, lawn mowers, appliances, furniture and building material which are not permitted in our dumpsters. See our Events page or contact any Hayes Township official or their website for details.