WVPOA Calendar of Events

What Happened to All of our Events?

The WVPOA Board used to host several events per year, however due to lack of participation over the past few years the board felt it was not fiscally responsible to continue holding these events.  We are always open to hosting events if we can get better participation.  You can help drive this by signing up to help with our events committee to come up with good events and help socialize them.  For now, we will only be hosting our Annual Members Meeting and Summer Picnic, held on the same day.  Events we used to hold, and would be interested in hosting again if we get adequate participation include (but are not limited to):

Fall Color Tour
Halloween Trunk Or Treating & Poker Run
Winter Snowmobile Run

If you are interested in helping plan events, or just want to let the board know you are interested in participating/attended, let us know!  Email us at wvpoaboard@gmail.com

WVPOA Events

Annual Meeting / Association Picnic – TBD


Local/County Events  

Annual Clean Up Day
American Waste (GFL) has set our date for June 8, 2024. The GFL location is at the corner of US 131 and M 32 W.  The hours will be 7-10 AM.  There may be hazardous clean-up days during 2024.  The dates will be advertised in the springtime.  No hazardous materials will be accepted on June 8.  Tires, air conditioners, refrigerators, or freezers will NOT be accepted.  Please bring proof of residency that morning!  (Note this event is not hosted by or associated directly with WVPOA, it is a county event)