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Wilderness Valley POA Gaylord MI

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The Wilderness Valley community extends a warm welcome to you and your family. Wilderness Valley development is a private, residential community that features attractive combinations of well-designed homes and large wooded, multiple-acre lots, shared-access facilities and plenty of scenic state land nearby.

There are many unique features that make owning a home in our
Wilderness Valley community development different from traditional forms of home ownership. One is that you can share and have access to common facilities, such as our Lake Elizabeth beach and picnic area, private roadways within the entire development, and numerous other services and facilities that often are not affordable on an individual homeowner basis.

You may also become a member of the community’s property owners association along with other fellow neighboring property owners. Then you will have an important voice in the association’s decisions and how those group decisions will affect your home, property, and lifestyle in the development.

A board of elected homeowner members that own property in the
development governs the Wilderness Valley Property Owners
Association (WVPOA), the property owner association group that
manages, operates and maintains the Wilderness Valley development. Since each one of these board members is a resident, their main goal is to protect and preserve the development, as well as your investment in your Wilderness Valley property.

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Thank you for visiting the Wilderness Valley Property Owners Association website. Your questions, comments and concerns about our association, building in our community, and events & services are important to us. You can use this contact form to get in touch with us and we will respond as soon as possible.

Please keep in mind our Association board is run by volunteers from our community, so we do not keep regular business offices, but one of our board members will respond in a timely manner.

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